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Life: an endless chase for happiness, the making of lush memories that can never be relived, and the exploration for what they call love...

♥ Happily engaged to a great man named Arthur, aka booboo :)
♥ Recently turned 24 & onto motherhood!
♥ Joys of bringing up our little tiger [Leonidas]
♥ Planning a beautiful wedding coming Summer 2012
♥ Working fulltime ;)

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As I was putting Leo to sleep just earlier I realized I’ve been terrible at updating this blog. From now on I want to make periodical updates more of a priority because time does fly on by so fast… I can’t imagine not having a better record of the little things that really make me smile during each moment of his upbringing. So cheers to all the “current” little things…

  • Insisting on going to bed with mama only, while lying on the big bed and with the occasional toss & turn, always ending up snug next to me, fast asleep. I then transfer him to his big boy crib next to our bed. Of course Leo will have to learn to sleep in his own, in his own room sooner or later but he has the rest of his life to do that. As for now, I will be selfish and enjoy the brief moments of each night when I get to cuddle with my son. 
  • Although Terrible Two’s have started just about 7 months ago, his tantrums have been notably more intense and frequent. When told “no” he would run to the nearest object and throw it down (cup of water) or push it down (chair/mini basketball hoop). As we work on using words instead of physical actions of anger, his solution to all of this was to scream “ICE CREAM?!” and run to the fridge demanding a treat in lieu of whatever he couldn’t have before. We would then settle with some apple juice (usually) and call it a day.
  • Leo’s new favorite show is Cars. He will literally turn on the xbox and tv by himself and say “Cars, cars…cars!” until we put it on for him. I’m sure he can watch it several times without getting tired or bored if we didn’t stop him. Although this may not be a great thing, Arthur and I haven’t been to the theater for ages and we can’t wait until the day we can just bring Leo with us for a nice movie night out. Therefore we consider this as a baby step!

Other than that, Arthur and I have made it a goal for both of us to stay away from negativity the best we can. It’s just better to be positive as negativity can only breed even more negativity… which never solves anything. Anyways! Can’t believe it’s already September, and I’ll be another year older in 4 months! 

Hello my loves! I’ve finally got a moment to sit down and actually write a nice post :)! It’s been so long since my last actual update so I’ll do this one with a few pictures too.

On Leo:
Our little man has grown so fast in the last few months, I can only imagine what he’ll be like next year around this time. He’s able to walk with ease and has become so independent that it’s bittersweet. Now that I’m working, I’m no longer able to spend 24/7 with him- which is good and bad. I find myself missing him at work, and a little jealous of the time he spends with his grandparents but whenever we do get time together it’s spent more valuably on learning or doing fun things together. Arthur and I are also in a better mood every time Leo is around and we’ve become much more conscious about our time with him. At the same time, we have enough time to rest and go on dates here and there as we work on our own relationship. I would say the good definitely outweighs the bad although we lost some time with Leo in comparison to before.

On life in general: 
For the last few weeks up until the wedding, everyone had been asking me if I was nervous or stressed but to be honest, I was more stressed about my real estate salesperson exam that was scheduled on the Monday before our wedding. I knew in my heart that I would have a stress-free wedding if all were to go well with the test. After studying for the exam on and off for the past few months, I was so excited to actually pass! For those who know me, I’m not exactly the best test taker so WHEW, so glad that was over and done with! On the other hand, I really have my wonderful husband to thank. Not only did he fully finance the whole thing, he was so supportive throughout. If it weren’t for his constant support, we would not have pulled off our amazing wedding. I’ll post a few pictures here, but I’ll save the rest for when we get our professional ones from our photographer :). Now that the wedding and my exam is done, all I have on mind mind is to finally get started on selling homes! It’s an exciting beginning for my career line and I’m so blessed to be able to have Arthur’s parents be supportive of me working as well. If it weren’t for their helping hand, I would definitely not be able to pursue a career as I am doing now. Marriage life is not much different from what we had prior to the marriage, mostly because we’re both so settled in by now. I can only pray to always have this kind of love and support throughout our marriage, and I will work hard to maintain the balance of my family and career life. Wish me luck? :)

Didn’t know my son was a natural ;)

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